Ongoing Adult Programs

Men’s Group

Biweekly on Sunday at 10:30 am or 4 pm
For KS members

Are you interested in joining or starting a men’s group? For over two decades, a small group of men connected with Kerem Shalom have been meeting regularly to witness each other’s challenges, joys, and sorrows. Participants are happy to talk with Kerem Shalom members who might be interested in joining this group or starting a new one.

When this group began, its members were in their late 40s, a challenging, heads-down life stage for many men. Members are now in their 60s and 70s, a life stage with new challenges related to work, health, relationships, and family. The group explores these themes in semi-structured, confidential, and non-judgmental conversations which are “advice-free unless asked.” Work, children, partners, the man’s “role” as caregiver, and adventures are all grist for this mill. And while this is not a religious study group, religious and spiritual experiences are sometimes discussed. If there is sufficient interest, members of the current group are more than happy to help a new group get underway, then step back and let that group evolve

If you are interested in becoming a member of the current men’s group or in starting a new one, please contact George Peabody at .