Policies for COVID-19 & Other Respiratory Infections

Updated April 2024

Our policies for COVID and other respiratory infections draw on core Jewish values, such as respecting life, fostering inclusion, building community, respecting knowledge, and valuing science. We also recognize that several members in our community, due to underlying medical conditions or older age, are at increased risk for complications if exposed to COVID-19 or other respiratory infections. We therefore generally prioritize the protection of our more vulnerable members over a fast return to in-person activities of members recently exposed to COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses.  

Drawing on these values, Kerem Shalom’s Board of Directors, in consultation with our Medical Advisory Committee and our members, has adopted the following policies for all services and synagogue-sponsored events in our building.

For Adults

  • Updated vaccinations are recommended for all adults entering the building.  These should include up-to-date vaccinations for COVID-19 as well as influenza.
  • Stay home if you test positive for COVID-19: If you test positive,  stay home for a minimum of  five days (and until symptom-free for 24 hours) and do not attend in-person functions.  Wear a high-quality mask, observe distancing, and practice good hand hygiene for at least five subsequent days after returning to in-person functions.
  • Stay home if you don’t feel well: Even if you test negative, please do not come to Kerem Shalom if you’re not feeling well. 
  • Wear a mask if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19: If you have been exposed to someone with COVID, you may come to events but you should wear a high-quality mask for at least 10 days after the exposure. 
  • Masking is otherwise optional: Kerem Shalom does not require healthy attendees to be masked unless they have been exposed to  COVID-19. We strongly support and welcome members and guests who, for a variety of reasons, choose to wear masks or attend some services and events online. High-quality masks (N95 or KN95) are the most protective and will be made available in the building.
  • Assess Your Own Situation:  If you have any concerns about attending an in-person service or event at Kerem Shalom you should evaluate your personal risk and consider contacting your healthcare provider to discuss your situation.

For Children: Policies for our Hebrew School and other youth and family activities are the same as those for Concord’s Public Schools, which state that children with a contagious disease should stay home until they have not had a fever (without the use of fever-reducing medication) or other symptoms for at least 24 hours.