Inclusion & Accessibility

We want all to feel welcome & comfortable at Kerem Shalom. 

Kerem Shalom, Vineyard of Peace, believes deeply in the Jewish value of kehilah kedoshah, sacred community.  We further believe we can only create a true community when we are all included. To that end, the following are part of our ever-growing effort to remove barriers, so that everyone is able to access our sacred community.  

  • The entrance to Kerem Shalom and the restrooms are accessible, with automatic doors and accessible stalls. The building entrance and bimah have ramps. 
  • Our Rabbi is D/deaf, lip-reads, and is fluent in ASL (American Sign Language). Kerem Shalom has an ASL Choir. Some congregants sign and some are studying ASL*. ASL interpreters are provided upon advance request and availability. Captioning is provided on Zoom services and events.
  • Kerem Shalom is a nut-aware environment. We avoid serving nuts and dishes with nut products. Click here for a copy of our food & allergy policy.
  • We label gluten-free & dairy-free food. 
  • High chairs are available in the social hall.
  • Large print prayerbooks are available for both weekly services and High Holy Days and can be found at the entranceway to the Sanctuary. 
  • Magnifying reading glasses are available in a basket at the entrance to the Sanctuary.
  • Ask our ushers for seating for individuals who are using a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, or have vision, hearing, or other needs.
  • Please feel free to borrow a fidget toy, sensory or thinking tool, child’s toy, or book from the basket located in the back right corner as one enters the Sanctuary.

* Read about the KS ASL Choir in Jewish Boston and in Discover Concord Magazine (pages 54-55).

Our American Sign Language elective students in grades 5-6 led our Hebrew School community in Oseh Shalom, our prayer for peace, using both Hebrew and ASL.