About Kerem Shalom

Welcome to Kerem Shalom

We are a vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming Jewish community where tradition and innovation are celebrated!

Our Vision

Kerem Shalom–Vineyard of Peace–is the heart and home of Jewish life in the Concord area. We are an inclusive congregation whose exploration of progressive Judaism stands upon three values: kehillah (community), simchah (joy), and k’vod ha-b’riyot (respect for the dignity of every person).

Kerem Shalom’s ASL Choir welcomes a new Torah at a dedication ceremony.

Our Mission

We aspire to be a Jewish community where everything we do is intellectually honest, spiritually profound, and with the potential to change lives not just within the synagogue but also in the wider world.

We embrace all who wish to explore their connection to Jewish culture, spirituality, religious practice, and education. We strive to be absolutely inclusive—to provide access to Judaism for Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and non-Jewish family members; for those who have led actively Jewish lives and those who seek to newly discover what Judaism means to them; for those of every gender and every sexual orientation; people of all abilities; children and adults; individuals and families at every stage.

  • In our religious practice, we encourage participation by everyone, regardless of their background in Jewish prayer or knowledge of Hebrew. Inspired by love and respect for our tradition and by the Reconstructionist motto that “the past has a vote but not a veto,” we question, interpret, and reframe Jewish liturgy and ritual to reveal their relevance and meaning in our modern lives. Our services are filled with music, inquiry, and warm connection.
  • In our religious school, family education events, youth programming, and B’nai Mitzvah celebrations, we encourage young people to explore their Jewish identity and help them build the foundation to become active and compassionate Jewish adults. Our early childhood services introduce young children and their families to the joy of celebrating Shabbat and holidays in community.
  • In our educational programming for adults, we draw students from our congregation and beyond who seek deep learning, thought-provoking discussion, and inspiration. Kerem Shalom is a center of Jewish learning in the region, offering classes and events led by our clergy, staff, visiting rabbis, and scholars.  
  • In our social action initiatives, we are committed to tikkun olam (repairing the world) by supporting our community and engaging in local, national, and Israel-focused activities.
  • In our social gatherings and holiday celebrations we connect through mutual interests and experience the joy of Jewish celebration as a community.
  • In our observance of lifecycle events, we come together as a community of mutual sharing and support in times of great joy and sorrow.
  • In our governance, we draw on the talents of many passionate individuals, including clergy, staff, and volunteers. Through their leadership and collaborative decision-making, we achieve sustainable stewardship of our resources to thrive as a community now and in the future.