Racial Justice Task Force Discussion: Jews of Color

Monday, February 20, 2023
4:00 pm
Online Only

Meet Becky, Erika, Destiny, Robin, Amanda, Everlyn, Tani, Chris, Alexandra, Yolanda, Angelica, Jordan, Gina, Kelly, and Bryant. They are all Jews of color who provide frank accounts of what it is like to be Jewish but not “look” Jewish. Their interviews are honest accounts of their identities as Jews

To listen go to Whollyjewish and listen to as many of these interviews as you would like, and then let’s discuss:

  • Any common themes?
  • What challenges do Jews of color face as members of the Jewish community?
  • What do we inadvertently say and/or do that is unsettling?
  • How can we provide a more welcoming atmosphere for Jews of color?

Begin with Season 1 – Bryant: From Tennessee to Iraq and Back and move upward from there.