Fight Voter Suppression & Help the KS Racial Task Force Meet the Goal of 10,000 Letters/Postcards

Don’t Give Up Hope – Act Now!


Can you commit an hour or two to write to a registered voter in an under-represented community—mostly Brown and Black—where voter suppression activities have been strongest? We’ve set a goal of 10,000 contacts by August 1, and we need YOUR help to make it.

Join the Racial Justice Task Force on Thursday, June 30 at 1:00 pm and Sunday, July 10 at 10:00 am at Kerem Shalom to write postcards and letters.

Purchase postcards
It takes a little over an hour to write 20!
Postcards can be ordered by emailing . We are getting the packets from Reclaim our Vote. The packets cost $10 each and contain 20 postcards, addresses, stickers, and stamps. It is our job to write a short message on the postcard, address them, and affix a stamp. The postcards are mailed on the date specified in the instructions found in each packet.  

Write Letters 
If postcards don’t strike your fancy, an alternative is letter writing sponsored by Vote Forward. This involves sending letters to voters urging them to vote. The bulk of the letter is preprinted, but there is a place for you to tell the recipient why voting is important to you—why you always vote. To participate in this endeavor, sign up at After you register, you will be able to “adopt voters” and download and print the letters. Then your job is to write the personal message, address the letters, provide stamps, and mail the letters on the date provided by Vote Forward.

Record your efforts
We plan to track how many postcards/letters each of us sends and anticipate that the Kerem Shalom community will together send an impressive number. Please indicate how many letters/postcards you have completed by adding your name and the numbers on this sheet. As we strive to address racial injustice in our society, here is something we can all do to achieve an election in which nobody is prevented or discouraged from voting.