Looking to the Future with Representative Simon Cataldo

May 19, 2024 10:30 am

(In-person Only)
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An AP, LED Program (Learn. Explore. Discuss)

Join us for an inspiring and informative talk by Kerem Shalom member, State Representative Simon Cataldo.

Simon Cataldo was elected to represent the 14th Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2022. He grew up in his district and knows it and its people well.

In his wide-ranging talk, Simon will focus on how Judaism and Tikkun Olam can inform service in elected office. Even before running for office, it was clear that Simon Cataldo was motivated by Tikkun Olam. In his early twenties, he built from scratch a school-based academic intervention program for at-risk youth called Harlem Lacrosse. He grew it into a national nonprofit employing over 60 full-time people in five cities. As a former special education teacher and federal anti-corruption prosecutor with the U.S. Justice Department, he has delivered for children, families, and school communities.

Simon brings an unusual combination of personal qualities to his work on Beacon Hill and in his district. He is passionate about what he does, innovative about how he approaches issues, hard-working, and collaborative. The issues facing the state as a whole and the communities he represents—Carlisle, and parts of Concord, Acton, and Chelmsford—are challenging. Simon has taken on tough issues, including plans for the homeless, education, climate and the environment, housing, integrity in government, and health care—as well as issues that specifically affect his communities in a major way, such as what to do with the Concord prison property and reconfiguring the Route 2 rotary.

Simon serves on the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. 

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