Oppenheimer: The Movie and the Man with Professor Stephen Whitfield

March 3, 2024 10:30 am

An AP LED Program (*LED=LEARN, EXPLORE, DISCUSS – Shed a little light)

In-person only
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We’re delighted to have Steve Whitfield back again as a featured speaker for our L.E.D series. Professor Whitfield’s talk will focus on a timely and illuminating film—Oppenheimer. Christopher Nolan’s 2023 biopic of “the father of the atomic bomb” raises the most harrowing questions about the formation of scientific genius and the exercise of military power. What the movie could not cover in its more-than-three hours, or could not treat adequately or clearly—from the Jewish dimension to the perils of the Cold War—will be the subject of this presentation.

Of note…Steve’s talk is a week in advance of the Oscars, and Oppenheimer has been nominated for more awards than any other movie!

You won’t want to miss his upcoming talk that will touch on so many intriguing aspects of the Oppenheimer story. If you haven’t heard Steve speak before at Kerem Shalom, this is the time to join us…and, if you’ve heard him before, you won’t have to be convinced!

Professor Whitfield taught American Studies at Brandeis University from 1972-2017 and is now Brandeis Professor Emeritus. He has won a number of major teaching awards and is the author of ten books on twentieth-century American history and on American Jewish history. Over the years, he has shared his insights on many topics with KS members, including politics, culture, music, and Jewish history.