AP Broth Hour: Art & Personal Agency with Adam Morse

January 7, 2024 10:30 am

Online Only

Join us for an AP Broth Hour as Adam Morse shares Art & Personal Agency.

Adam attended Kerem’s Shalom’s Hebrew school and had his Bar Mitzvah in 2004. He graduated with his BA in Geography from Clark University in 2013 and completed his Master’s and PhD in Cultural Geography at the University of Oregon in 2016 and 2022, respectively. His studies and publications have focused on incarceration and the role of the arts as forms of resistance in prison environments in the United States, as well as a focus on underground economies in the Middle East.

Adam’s talk will draw upon his dissertation work which discusses how geographical conditions and circumstances produce different artistic mediums, with a focus on how this occurs in spaces of confinement as a strategy of agency and resistance. Adam’s conversation will connect these ideas to bigger questions of how we should more constructively look at cultural appropriation of art in contemporary times, and how we can avoid neglecting the useful cultural resources that are beneficial for solving today’s inequalities.

As an artist in his own right, Adam has been listening to folk and roots music since he was a child; he has played the banjo since age ten, and many years later began focusing on the guitar and vocals. For the last seventeen summers, Adam has worked at a youth camp in New Hampshire where he has designed and run both a leadership development and music performance program. Adam recently launched his podcast “There is a Season,” devoted to greatly exposing the life and work of the late folk musician, Pete Seeger.

Adam currently lives in western Massachusetts and works as an adjunct professor and social studies teacher.