Why Make a Legacy Gift to Kerem Shalom?

Ensure the Future of our Community

Because of the unique and important covenant the members of our community share with each other.

One moment each year shows the core of Kerem Shalom’s vision. On the holiest day, Yom Kippur, Rabbi Darby asks specific congregants to stand and be acknowledged. Eyes well up with tears, and warmth fills the hearts – those rising are the non-Jewish Kerem Shalom members who have committed to nurturing the next generation of the Jewish people.

Countless instances show how we evolved into our special and uniquely progressive Jewish community that embraces all —Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and non-Jewish members — who wish to explore their connection to Jewish culture, spirituality, religious practice, and/or education. At Kerem Shalom every member participates in the chain of Jewish continuity.

At Kerem Shalom we recognize and embrace that our covenant is communal, linking us to a heritage that emphasizes community and continuity, in all the different ways that each of us understands our spirituality and the concept of G-d. This covenant is central to Kerem Shalom, our vision and our core values:

  • Kehillah – Community
  • Simchah – Joy
  • K’vod ha-b’riyot – Respect for the dignity of every person

This communal covenant was there a half-century ago when four families first established the Concord-Lincoln Jewish Study Group to provide a Jewish education for their children and to celebrate holidays together. And it was there in the early 1980s when our then-80 families committed to establish our physical home, building the first Jewish synagogue in Concord.

The communal covenant is here, now, when our American Sign Language choir performs, strengthening our rich musical traditions in the liturgy in new ways and perspectives. And it is here, when members participate remotely, and those who have relocated stay connected because we have invested in technology to live-stream services and programing.

And it continues in our Hebrew School Reimagined when students are given a modern hands-on experiential learning experience tuition-free, reflecting the Kerem Shalom philosophy that the entire community is responsible for providing a Jewish education for our children.

We have woven the thread of covenant into our values and through the fabric of the culture of Kerem Shalom.

Our members reflect the heterogeneous distribution of Jews in current society. By embracing and welcoming all Jews and their supporters, and educating current and future generations on our history, rich culture, and traditions, Kerem Shalom is doing its part to ensure the growth and survival of the Jewish people.

Since our founding, our culture of giving has allowed us to grow into a well-established Jewish congregation in the Concord area and beyond, as well as in the wider Jewish community.

Through Legacy Giving, sustained long-term funding allows us to honor our commitment to future generations. This ensures that our children will be positioned to carry forth Kerem Shalom’s values and mission, continuing to thrive during both anticipated and unknown social and economic challenges.

Our Legacy Giving Circle, Stewards of the Vineyard, is an important thread in our covenant with our entire community and our future generations – L’dor Vador

The effects of your gift – no matter the form, timing, or size – will be meaningful, and the cumulative impact of all our legacy donations will be significant and lasting. Our collective generosity will maintain the vitality of Kerem Shalom and reinforce our position as a leader for progressive Judaism for years to come.

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