Community-Led Groups

Kerem Shalom creates educational, cultural, spiritual, and social opportunities for our adult community and beyond. We cordially invite you to explore and participate in our many groups and offerings!

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Jewish Content Book Club

The Book Club meets on Tuesday afternoons at 12:45 pm in the Kerem Shalom library. Attendees are welcome to bring lunch or a nosh to share (following KS food guidelines – no nuts or shellfish.) All are welcome! For more information, please contact Jane Appell at .

Kerem Shalom Book Club

The Kerem Shalom Book Club meets in the evenings and does not restrict titles to those with Jewish content, and/or Jewish authors. Meetings are planned to accommodate the group’s schedules. All are welcome! For more information, please contact Pat Sills, .

Laughter as a Spiritual Practice – More Joy, Less Oy!

Laughter as a Spiritual Practice is run by Susan Phillips, M.Ed, an integrative Health Coach Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Together we experience hearty laughter as a spiritual practice—increasing joy, resilience, wellbeing and uplifting you and those around you. We do this with seated and standing laughter exercises, alternated with deep, relaxing yoga (belly) breaths. This kind of hearty, sustained laughter boosts your mood, relieves stress, increases your energy, and is lots of fun.

Group laughter soon becomes contagious. We are able to generate laughter without relying on jokes or humor. This practice is called Laughter Yoga and is done in 106 countries! There are no mats or yoga poses. It is easy and accessible to all. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Mah Jongg Club

Every other Tuesday 7-9 PM
Every other Monday 4-6 PM
KS Members free / Non-members small donation requested

All are welcome to join our Mah Jongg classes, a fun tile game that originated in China. Whether you are an experienced player or you’ve never played before, please join us!

You are welcome to join in at any time during the year. If you’re interested in learning more, please email or call Amanda at 617-448-5986.


  • Mah Jongg Mondays 4-6 pm: A smaller group plays every other Monday from 4-6 pm. If you are interested in playing at that time, we are happy to help establish a second table. Also, note that the Monday group occasionally need substitutes.
  • Mah Jongg Tuesdays 7-9 pm: We meet every other Tuesday with the exception of holidays. Check the KS calendar for details. We typically have 1 or 2 tables each week.

Men's Group

The Men’s Group is an ongoing discussion group open to members and non-members who are interested in open sharing and support from other men. If you are interested in joining or just have questions, please write to George Peabody, .

Torah Study Group

Shabbat Morning Torah Conversation meets weekly on Saturday mornings, from 8:45-9:45 (please arrive a little early). No prior knowledge of Torah or Hebrew is required to participate. The weekly parsha is noted in the Kerem Shalom Weekly News. For more information contact Susan Phillips at or .