Our Community

We welcome you…
Whether you’re a long time member of KS, if you recently joined, or if you’re just visiting;
If you’re Jewish and if you come from a different faith tradition background;
If you’re married, partnered, single;
If you’re lesbian, gay, straight, bi, trans, queer, asexual, intersex, or questioning;
No matter where you are from on this great planet of ours;
Whatever your racial background is;
If you stand in body and those who stand in spirit;
If you’re younger and if you’re an elder;
If you can eat anything on the menu and if you are restricted by food allergies (which can be life-threatening):
If you know when we stand and sit during the service and if you are completely unfamiliar with the service.
We are honored that you are interested in Kerem Shalom and would love to hear from you if you have any questions about our community.

Rabbi Darby Leigh

Interfaith Families

Kerem Shalom welcomes all family constellations and backgrounds. Our diverse members and their families include Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and those who are not Jewish but support the Jewish choices of their families. While we also vary in the extent of our Jewish knowledge and our spiritual practices, we all share a commitment to be a welcoming, warm, and caring community that has rich and meaningful offerings for children, adults, and families at every stage of life.

Learn More!

To learn more, please contact our temple executive director at 978-369-1223 or e-mail  We will provide you with information on upcoming events and services and can schedule an appointment with our Rabbi and/or one of our educators. We would love an opportunity to meet you, discuss your interests, answer your questions, and show you our facilities!