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Registration for Kerem Shalom’s Hebrew School 2016-17 is now open. The School offers classes for students as young as 3 and all the way up to high school. Registration opens on Monday, April 4th. Contact Joan Perlman, at joanperlmanatkeremshalomdotorg  (joanperlmanatkeremshalomdotorg)   for more information or a school brochure.

Pizza and Practice Summer Program -
Our very successful Pizza and Practice Summer Program meets once a week on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. beginning June 29th.  Students start with pizza; then work with a faculty member and teen aides to keep their Hebrew skills moving forward, in an informal “campy” atmosphere.  The program addresses the issues of children losing ground over the summer, and of children who need additional assistance. Much more affordable than private tutoring, $20/session makes this program accessible to everyone.   Families can pay for just the number of sessions they want.  Each student will be individually assessed and records of their progress will be kept.

Fall Hebrew School -
Our unique one-day-a-week Hebrew School fits flexibly into the busy schedules of Kerem Shalom families. Classes offered for grades Kindergarten - High School. Children in elementary grades learn Hebrew and the prayer service, study Torah, and develop their understanding of their Jewish identity through the study of Jewish History, Israel, and the importance of social action in Jewish life.  Older students are free to concentrate on topics of particular interest to them.  Classes include joyful Jewish musical expression as part of the curriculum.

Holiday Preschool Program -
This delightful energetic program is a perfect first introduction to Jewish education for 3-5 year olds.  Held monthly on Sunday mornings, the Holiday Preschool is intended for the two years immediately preceding kindergarten.  The program uses a combination of story, music, crafts and food to teach preschoolers about each of the Jewish holidays.

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