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Lower down on this page you can read some book reviews from our students, for Jewish content book that you can purchase via Amazon.

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Children's Book Reviews

Kerem Shalom students earn extra reading raffle tickets by writing book recommendations for other students. All of the books below are available in the Kerem Shalom library and many can be purchased from

The Lost and Found Wallet by Yaffa Gottlieb

Reviewed by Ellie P.

Review: “I like the book because it is funny. Anybody who likes funny stories would like this book. I learned that the Torah teaches you what’s right, it is not just stories."

The Brothers' Promise by Franes Harber

Reviewer: Olivia Bowe-Shulman

Review: “I really like the book because even though their dad died, they kept a promise. And I thought the idea about the ghosts were worried about food.

Appropriate for ages or grades: 1st to 3rd; Better for girls or boys? Both.

Rating: 9.5

Bible Heroes I Can Be by Ann Eisenberg

Reviewer: Henry W.

Review: “The pictures. Moses parted the sea to save the Jewish people.

Appropriate for grades: K; Better for both boys and girls

Rating: 10

Rebecca's Journey Home by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman

Reviewer: Melissa Jones

Review: “I liked the book because it shows people that Jews are all over the world.

Appropriate for grades 1-3; Better for girls/boys: both

Rating: 10

Noah's Ark by Heinz Janisch and Lizabeth Zwerger

Reviewer: Ryan S

Review: “I liked the book because of the flood. Other people like my cousins would like the book. An interesting idea is that G-d sent a flood for the earth to get clean.

Appropriate for grades: 4-8; Better for girls/boys: Both

Rating: 7

Cakes and Miracles by Barbara Goldin

Reviewer: Jack

Review: “I like this book because it is amazing how somebody blind shapes cookies. I think my 2nd grade Hebrew teacher would like this book.

Appropriate for grades 2nd grade; 8y-11y; Better for boys/girls: Both

Rating: 9

The Tie Man's Miracle by Steven Schmnur

Reviewer: Samuel K

Review: “I like this book because when the tie men left andsaid , 'We used to look at the candles to see if they go out at the same time.' When Seth did it, they went out at the same time.

Appropriate for grades: college; Better for boys/girls: Both

Rating: 10