Me’ah at Kerem Shalom on Monday evenings 7:15-9:15 PM

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Past participants said this innovative program “changed my life”. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to gain a rich background in Judaism – reserve your Monday evenings for Me’ah starting this fall

Me’ah offers adults of all ages and backgrounds a foundation in Judaic culture and civilization and you don’t need to be Jewish or know Hebrew to join this group. Me’ah offers 100 hours of learning over a period of two years (with many breaks.) If you miss a class, no worries, the classes are all recorded and can be downloaded at your leisure. CJP and Hebrew College offer scholarships to make it possible for all who wish to join in this fascinating learning experience.

Here are some testimonials from our Me’ah students at KS:

“It was a life changing experience to learn about our past generations and how they lived, giving context to our lives in the present.”

“The class is an amazing opportunity. I never expected such a connection to Jewish learning and to my classmates. I looked forward to what turned out to be a highlight of my week.”

“Learning about thousands of years of Jewish history in the context of World History is absolutely fascinating, especially when it’s done by brilliant, thought-provoking teachers and surrounded by a group of wonderful interesting adults. I have found myself able to understand world events, especially those in the Middle East in modern times, more deeply than I could have before. This knowledge has been extremely useful in discussing the challenging relationship between Jews and Arabs in the present day. I highly recommend this course to people of all backgrounds.”

Contact RosalieatKeremShalomdotorg to sign up or for more information. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

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