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Saturday mornings, 8:45-9:45, beginning January 6, 2018
Please arrive early! KS doors will be opened at 8:30, and may be closed by 8:45.

KS Spiritual Life and Adult Programming are pleased to announce that beginning January 6, 2018, anyone interested in discussing the weekly Torah portion (parasha) can gather at Kerem Shalom on Shabbat mornings. Doors will be opened around 8:30. Torah Conversations will be from 8:45-9:45. On the weeks Shabbat Morning Services with Rabbi Darby are offered, all are welcome to stay at KS to attend some or all of the Shabbat services.

Since September, 2017 a group of Kerem Shalom women, who recently became B’not Mitzvah, have been meeting to discuss the weekly Torah portion. As our gift to Kerem Shalom on the special occasion of our B’not Mitzvah, we made a commitment to find ways to extend Torah study to the broader congregation. We describe our particular form of study as “Torah Conversations”.

No prior knowledge of Torah or Hebrew is required to participate in these Shabbat morning Torah Conversations. Ideally, prior to our meeting, each of us reads the portion in any of the many English translations, and also one or more contemporary interpretations. The discussion typically flows back and forth between trying to understand the embedded meaning of the portion, as well as connecting it to questions that have contemporary relevance in our lives.

In the weekly Next Week at Kerem Shalom, there will be an announcement that will identify the week’s portion (parasha). A list with some Torah Resources for the weekly parasha and contemporary commentaries will also be available.

Torah Conversations will be facilitated by a group of KS congregants.
Contact: Susan Phillips susanphillips04atgmaildotcom  (susanphillips04atgmaildotcom)   or Colleen Humphreys thumbelinasmumatmacdotcom  (thumbelinasmumatmacdotcom)  

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