Special Education

Special Needs Education at Kerem Shalom

Kerem Shalom’s education program is built on the desire to educate every child, and to work to find the best way to support each learner as they grow. We believe that being part of the Jewish community, part of Kerem Shalom, is of utmost importance and do whatever we can to support special needs learners in our classrooms.

Kerem Shalom is a member of the Sudbury Valley Jewish Special Education Initiative. The initiative provides Kerem Shalom with a special educator who works on Mondays with Hebrew language acquisition. The Initiative also provides us with the services of a very skilled special education consultant who observes classes and teachers to make recommendations for accommodations for students with challenges. Our faculty consists of highly qualified educators who are constantly working to match teaching to the learners in their classroom.

We have a group of high school teaching assistants who have participated in a Gateways program, TeenAde, to learn how to support special needs students in the classroom.

An additional program is our Pizza and Practice program. In a fun campy atmosphere, a faculty members and TeenAdes, work one on one with students over the summer to help maintain skills acquired during the year.

When needed, Kerem Shalom’s education director and rabbi will work with families to establish goals and modify our Hebrew school program for special needs students. Our goal is to never place a stumbling block that will keep a family or child from participating as fully as they wish.