Kerem Shalom’s Religious School 2017-18 Program – Preschool through High School

The preschool and primary grades focus on the joys of Jewish holidays and celebrations and introduce Jewish cultural awareness.

Children in the elementary grades learn Hebrew and the prayer service, and study Torah. The goal of the curriculum is to develop the child’s understanding of their Jewish identity through the study of Jewish history, Israel and the importance of social action in Jewish life.

Music plays a key role at all levels. Once a month, students participate in Kehillah, an assembly where students share the songs and lessons they have learned.

Once students have become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, there are several different high school programs available to them. Our school’s once-a-week classes fit into the busy schedules of local families. While many of our students begin their studies in first grade, accommodations can be made for students entering later. Our exceptional teachers are comfortable accommodating special needs students and have been very successful.