High School Program — 2017-2018

Kerem Shalom High School Program
Grades 8-12

At Kerem Shalom, we offer many opportunities for our post B’nai Mitzvah students to stay involved as well as our Chagigat Torah celebration to honor accomplishments.

Celebrate Chagigat Torah by accumulating 18 credits while you’re at Kerem Shalom by being involved in our congregation for services and holiday observances, assisting in the school or family ed programs, or participating in our high school programming, adult education, or social action.  Credits accumulated throughout 8th grade and High School in any of the following ways:

Classroom /Admin Assistant

For pay:

4 credits per year per day

If you volunteer:

6 credits per year per day

Family Ed Assistant / childcare
(Tot Shabbat, Sundays, Holidays)

For pay:

1/2 credit per program

If you volunteer:

1 credit per program

High School Program
(KSTY, TELEM, and/or MPMO)

1/2 credit per session

Adult Education at KS

1-4 credits (TBD by program)

Synagogue Social Action
(including Mitzvah Day One)

1 credit per event

Aliya during service
(HH or Shabbat)

1 credit per Aliya

Attend 3 services
(Shabbat, holiday observance)

1 credit per 3 services/events

(or other Israel Exchange Program)

2 credits


We’ll celebrate Chagigat Torah on Friday evening, May 4th, 2018.
Recipients will have several meetings with Rabbi Darby
in the spring to plan the Chagigat Torah service.

Registration Information
Non-KS high school students are welcome, for the same fee.  Your $200 fee covers the cost of all high school programming. There is no HS registration fee.

To register: Go to FamilyID via tinyurl.com/kshs5778


For pay: