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Congregation Kerem Shalom
659 Elm Street
Concord, MA 01742

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P.O. Box 1646
Concord, MA 01742

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Telephone: 978-369-1223
Fax: 978-369-8072


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Contacting our Rabbi and Staff

  • Rabbi Darby Leigh: 978-369-1223 x1 RabbiDarbyatKeremShalomdotorg  (RabbiDarbyatKeremShalomdotorg)  
  • Rabbi Emeritus Michael Luckens: mluckensatcomcastdotnet  (mluckensatcomcastdotnet)  
  • Kerem Shalom’s Cantor and Director of Adult Programming, Rosalie Gerut: 978-369-0478  rosalieatkeremshalomdotorg  (rosalieatkeremshalomdotorg)  
  • Education Director & B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator, Joan Perlman: 978-369-1223    joanperlmanatkeremshalomdotorg  (joanperlmanatkeremshalomdotorg)  
  • Family Educator, Nancy Kaplan: 978-369-5780   familyedatkeremshalomdotorg  (familyedatkeremshalomdotorg)  
  • Temple Administrator, Jessica Busiek: 978-369-1223 x0   ksadminatkeremshalomdotorg  (ksadminatkeremshalomdotorg)  

Food & Allergy Policy

We are a no-nuts building! Kerem Shalom follows a comprehensive Food and Allergy Policy to enable all members to eat at KS and to ensure healthy options are offered at events and classes.

To quote from our policy: “Food has always played a central role in Judaism; we use food for communal sharing and celebration. While we want to continue this tradition, for an increasing population, this communal sharing has become both life threatening and a road block to participating in our community.” At Purim, we saw the policy come to life. With the help of two of our members, two alternative types of hamantashen were prepared, one that was gluten-free and one that had no egg or dairy and was made in a nut-free environment. The look on kids’ faces when we offered them a hamantashen that they could actually eat was priceless!

It is our hope that Kerem Shalom members will embrace this policy and help create an environment here that allows children and adults who have food allergies and special food needs to be able to participate fully in our community.

Click here to download the Food and Allergy Policy.


Please call the Kerem Shalom office at 978-369-1223 if you would like to check if programs are cancelled due to weather or driving conditions. We will update the outgoing recording at least 2 hours prior to scheduled events.