President’s Message

On behalf of our Board and Staff, I enthusiastically welcome your interest in our vibrant and growing congregation. I am happy to answer any questions that you have about Kerem Shalom so please get in touch. Contact information for our Staff is listed on the “Contact Us” page.
Shalom and Best Wishes!
Cherry Muse, President

For more information about Kerem Shalom please contact our administrator, Jessie Busiek, at 978-369-1223.

Musings from the President

July-August 2017

The power of ?

In 2006, I became the President of Public Conversations Project (PCP). An organization dedicated to creating dialogue about important public issues, PCP emphasized asking thoughtful, open-ended question - “questions of genuine curiosity.”

The power of questions has been very much on my mind this year as I have had the privilege of attending numerous Kerem Shalom B’nai Mitzvah. Each celebrant concludes with a question that the congregation is asked to discuss.

The questions have been wise and thoughtful. Discussions have been lively, rich and, at times, surprisingly emotional.

“Why is gossip harmful to people?”

“What can you do in your daily life to recognize/honor the divine image in everyone?”

“How have people made you feel welcome when you were an outsider?”

“What would it be like if people with disabilities were the norm and the non-disabled had to adapt?”

“What legacy do you carry? And what legacy do you want to pass on?”

More often than not, on the car ride home my husband and I are talking about the D’var and our responses to the question we just heard. Not only does this practice engage congregants, it also demonstrates a genuine understanding of the content of the Torah portion.

I’ve just ended my first year as Kerem Shalom’s President. Like our B’nai Mitzvah students, I’ve learned a great deal this year, although for the most part, Hebrew not required. Kerem Shalom is a community of people who are seekers, who care about others, who are incredibly articulate and who are very, very bright. Kerem Shalom is also a community of people who are extremely busy, who struggle to balance the many demands on their time.

In the spirit of our B’nai Mitzvah, I’d like to conclude this column with these questions:

What can Kerem Shalom do to become more central to your life?

And what can you do to make yourself more central to Kerem Shalom?

-Cherry Muse