President’s Message

On behalf of our Board and Staff, I enthusiastically welcome your interest in our vibrant and growing congregation. I am happy to answer any questions that you have about Kerem Shalom so please get in touch. Contact information for our Staff is listed on the “Contact Us” page.
Shalom and Best Wishes!
Cherry Muse, President

For more information about Kerem Shalom please contact our administrator, Jessie Busiek, at 978-369-1223.

Musings from the President

May 2017

Generation to Generation is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Kerem Shalom is 76% of the way toward our goal of $1.5 million, with two months left to complete the campaign.

Runners in the Boston Marathon reach the 76% point at...Heartbreak Hill. This is the spot where successful marathoners find that new energy kicks in.

What does Generation to Generation look like as Kerem Shalom hits the 76% point? There is no doubt that our energy is picking up, as we move closer to our goal.

  • We have spoken with approximately one third of the congregation.
  • We have raised over $1.15 million.
  • We intend to speak with every other member of this community, either in person or during our May 21 phone-a-thon.
  • We believe we can cross the finish line on June 30 with at least $1.5 million in much needed resources for our community.

The Boston Marathon is iconic. So is Concord. And being the only Jewish community in Concord makes Kerem Shalom iconic. We have created something quite remarkable here in the heart of revolutionary America.

I was recently interviewed for WERS’ Sunday morning program Chagigah and had the opportunity to describe the day in 1989 when Kerem Shalom was dedicated. Here’s a link to the interview.

The section about dedicating Kerem Shalom is about halfway through it.

Whether you were here in 1989 or joined Kerem Shalom this year, you are a steward of this community. Generation to Generation was initiated to ensure a financially strong future for Kerem Shalom. With your support, we won’t stumble on Heartbreak Hill but will stride joyfully across the finish line.

-Cherry Muse