President’s Message

On behalf of our Board and Staff, I enthusiastically welcome your interest in our vibrant and growing congregation. I am happy to answer any questions that you have about Kerem Shalom so please get in touch. Contact information for our Staff is listed on the “Contact Us” page.
Shalom and Best Wishes!
Cherry Muse, President

For more information about Kerem Shalom please contact our administrator, Jessie Busiek, at 978-369-1223.

Musings from the President

April 2017

During her cancer treatments a few years ago, a dear friend said, “I know it’s crazy but whenever I’m with my family, I feel safe.” That didn’t sound crazy to me. Whatever makes us feel valued, supported and understood adds to our sense of safety.

At Kerem Shalom, we have focused on safety from external threats this year, adopting new policies and looking into ways to make our building more secure.

We are not alone in this effort. A month or so ago, I received a call from Concord’s Chief of Police, Joseph O’Connor. He wanted me to know that the Concord police were taking the threats to Jewish institutions very seriously and were patrolling Kerem Shalom more intensively as a result. The fact that the patrols were stepped up without a request from us was an affirmation that the Concord police value, support and understand the needs of our community.

I was both relieved and sad to learn the source of the threats...a mentally disturbed young Israeli. However, we continue to live in a world in which some people would gladly do harm. Knowing that the Concord Police Department ‘has our back’ should increase our communal sense of safety.

Next week, during Passover, we will celebrate our liberation from slavery. May this coming year bring us liberation from threats, both genuine and counterfeit. May we live surrounded by those who make us feel safe.

A happy Passover to you, your families and those you hold dear.

-Cherry Muse