Scheduling Times to Meet with Rabbi Darby Leigh

Rabbi Darby is available to meet with congregants one-on-one to discuss any matter that is on their mind (he loves to spend time with people, even if it is just to schmooze!).   While Rabbi Darby will work to find a mutually convenient time to meet in his office, please be aware that weekdays on Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to be his most flexible times, while Mondays and Wednesday between 4:30 – 5:30 are usually the most popular and fill up quickly.  Evening hours are also available on Mondays and Wednesdays.  If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact Jessica Busiek at ksadminatkeremshalomdotorg  (ksadminatkeremshalomdotorg)   or Rabbi Darby at RabbiDarbyatKeremShalomdotorg  (RabbiDarbyatKeremShalomdotorg)  .