Kerem Shalom Receives Award from Ruderman Family Foundation

Kerem Shalom has received a grant from the Ruderman Family Foundation to participate in the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project, which, according to their website, is “a partnership between CJP and the Ruderman Family Foundation to support synagogues in creating communities where people of all abilities are valued equally and participate fully.”

From Joan Perlman, KS Education director: Later this spring, we will have our second annual Understanding Our Differences day brought to Kerem Shalom by Gateways Access to Jewish Education and the Ruderman Family Foundation. This program, designed for our older students, will teach them about navigating daily life for people with physical disabilities and will help to dispel myths about people who are different from us. Last year, KS students participated in the unit on deafness through this same program. It is our hope that students will learn the Jewish values of inclusion, respect, compassion, and tolerance through their participation in this program.

Dear Kerem Shalom Community,
Mazal Tov!

We are honored and excited that Kerem Shalom has officially been invited to become a Partner in the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project!

We have received this award in recognition of not only our ongoing efforts to be a welcoming community for ALL, but also in recognition of our own understanding that our work is not yet complete. We aspire to absolutely eliminate barriers that may make it difficult for anyone, members and guests, to have full access to the entire range of programs and activities that we offer at our synagogue.

Living an engaged Jewish spiritual path means not only envisioning a world that we believe can and ought to exist, a world that we feel truly reflects our values, but also includes a willingness to put in the hard work, time and effort to bring our world ever closer to our vision.

It is deeply meaningful and gratifying when others recognize and validate the extraordinary work being done here at Kerem Shalom. Kerem Shalom will be honored at a dinner on May 23rd along with other congregations invited to become Partners in the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project. Of course, our work of creating a truly inclusive community for everyone, of all abilities, continues on into the future.

If you are inspired to serve on the task force that is paying close attention to the ways in which Kerem Shalom is accessible and where we still have work to do, and wish to help us do some of that work, please be in touch with Joan Perlman at JoanPerlmanatKeremShalomdotorg

Once again, mazal tov to all of us! As always, it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to serve as your rabbi and as your partner in this sacred work.

Kindness & Shalom,
Rabbi Darby Jared Leigh